Simple ventures. Building community.

Paradigma brings something new and innovative to the business environment of Montenegro and the broader Balkan context. We exist to start simple ventures and build community. It is our desire to do good for people, communities, cities and countries. We want to tell a good story along life’s journey and invite others to join us in the process. Our current public ventures include:

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Telling Stories

Meanderbug is a Balkan travel guide that provides travel ideas for independent travelers to ten countries on the Balkan peninsula. The site covers six key areas of interest. A driving interest area is adventure travel, with a range of content including hiking, rafting, mountain biking, and bicycle touring. Additional interests include: arts & culture, food & drink, history & heritage, and wellness & spas.


Translating Ideas

True Sense is a service by which we make your content seem native to native speakers. Through sense for sense translation and copywriting, we increase conversion rates, improve sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Normal projects include website, menu, and signage translations.

We work with market-effective translations from former Yugoslav countries into native English and Russian as well as English and Russian into local languages of former Yugoslav countries.