5 Basic Tips on Creating Digital Content

1. KNOW YOUR PASSION. Everyone has something that they know…something that they are passionate about. Make sure you understand where your passion is. Best way to do this is google it. Click on the images. Do this images excite you? Or these images familiar to you? Are some of these images yours? If you said “YES!” to any one of these, then you know your passion.

2. DEFINE YOUR BRAND. Decide what you want your image to be. Use high resolution images – not ones taken on your iPhone. Use colors on your blog, social networks, video, etc that complement your logo. Figure out what your “elevator pitch” is to others who ask about what your company is about. This should be no longer than two sentences. This may take some time, but you need to understand this before you move on. It will help you in the long run.

3. HIRE “EXPERTS.” This is sooo important! This is also an investment, but you will thank me later. Ask around for a web/blog designer. Word of mouth is great, especially in the web design industry. If you don’t know anyone to ask, look at the very bottom of your favorite blogs and see who they used to design their blog. Make sure to do this sooner than later. If you do not have time to write blog posts, hire a digital publisher like a freelance writer or popular blogger with knowledge of your industry. You will not only get content for your site, but they will likely share with their network, too.

4. MAKE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR. Now, this is where some people differ in opinion, but I really think organization of thought on paper of what direction that you see your company or online discussion to go is important. This will set you apart from everyone else online. You don’t have to have all the details when you create the calendar. You just need to know when you should begin writing about Easter, summer activities and holiday meals. Plan it out because this will help strategically drive traffic to your site and help others who contribute content for you.

5. KEEP YOUR SITE CLEAN. It is important that your website is not cluttered. Don’t put too many buttons, ads or feeds on your blog where it begins to look like the Wall Street ticker. You don’t want to distract the reader from the reason they are coming to your site – THE CONTENT. Also, remember that what you post online stays there forever, so spellcheck and reread your post before making it LIVE. I have been known to rush through a post, and later I find silly errors. I need this reminder, too. 😉

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Jennifer Buxton

Jennifer Buxton

Studied Journalism in Austin, Texas, majoring in Public Relations. Then studied Marketing in Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Global Business. Worked in PR and retail through out the college years. Project management and PR experience both on business to business and business to consumer sectors. 10 years of nonprofit management experience including starting one herself and being actively involved and appointed on various charitable boards in Arizona and Texas. Started working in the digital space and has done social media marketing since 2010. Founded Real Posh Mom in 2007. Recently, brought in by Paradigma Company as a Content Director.

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