5 Ways to be SMART about Content

When creating content, especially visual content, you need to make sure they have all these parts to it. You want to be SMART about what content you produce. SMART is an acronym. An acronym is “a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words” (

1. SPECIFIC. Specific content let your current and future customers or fans know exactly the story you are telling: who, what, when and how.

2. MEASURABLE. We want to measure all content regardless of its form for a number of reasons. We want to know if the medium, the message and the method is working or not working.The medium is the type of content. The message is what the content trying to convey. The method is the way that you’re sending out your content. Measure things based on social channel. Each channel will react differently because people use them for different reasons.

3. ACHIEVABLE. Setting content goals that are difficult, yet achievable, is very important. For example, creating content for the goal to have it go “viral” is unrealistic and unachievable. That being said, it may go viral, but that is organic growth NOT due to the content goal. Ask yourself, how can you content help your company? What content do you need to produce for this goal?

4. RELEVANT. Content needs to be presented in context. It has to be relevant, informative and well organized. Make sure you place relevant content in the right place. In order for your content to be relevant, it has to be recent.

5. TIMELY. When we go online, most of the content we consume is from today, or at best yesterday. Content from last week is practically unreachable unless you’re looking for something specific. And, content from last year has become history so ancient, it might as well be obsolete. Skeptical? Test it. The best content is the content that is posted real-time – current with events and the happenings in the world.

When your content is timely, you have a better chance of making it specific and measurable and thus achievable.

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Jennifer Buxton

Jennifer Buxton

Studied Journalism in Austin, Texas, majoring in Public Relations. Then studied Marketing in Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Global Business. Worked in PR and retail through out the college years. Project management and PR experience both on business to business and business to consumer sectors. 10 years of nonprofit management experience including starting one herself and being actively involved and appointed on various charitable boards in Arizona and Texas. Started working in the digital space and has done social media marketing since 2010. Founded Real Posh Mom in 2007. Recently, brought in by Paradigma Company as a Content Director.

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